What are they and where did they come from? When we first began making fresh croissants a few years ago we were left with this beautiful buttery dough that we  threw away after we would cut and shape our croissants.  It broke our hearts to see something so tasty being discarded so the hunt began for a solution.  After much research and lots of tastings we came up with our solution.  A little buttery bun baked to a golden hue, then filled with something delicious like sweetened cream cheese, pastry cream or lemon curd , buttered and then dipped in sugar. Ahh, they became the most delicious baked “donuts” ever.  Their name was given to them by Larissa, our very first employee and barista, (we miss you!), thus “Suga-diddies” were born! Call them what you want but you will never be disappointed with these little delights!

Posted:6 years ago